The studio is closed while we relocate to Brisbane

In The Box Sessions

Welcome to our most unique sessions!

These sessions are sure to capture your personalities like no other session! They are fun, spontaneous and unique! Each photo is actually taken insde a box in our home studio. We have 3 boxes, one large white one for families, a smaller white one for toddlers and a brown cardboard box for toddlers for a completely unique look.

All you have to do is have some fun in the box with a little guidance from me, then once we are done I create the magic! A collage is made of all your shenanigans to complete your final artwork.

These sessions can be adapted to suit any occasion ..... family, siblings, birthdays, christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. Props are available to use but feel free to bring some of your own personal items to showcase your personality. All full box sessions come with a 16"x16" print of your final collage. Different layouts are available as well as borders or greeting card templates. Please just ask! Additional prints and products can be purchased separately.

Check out our instagram for some reels behind the scenes!